A Journey of Skill Development

At TKC, our foundational program, TKC Empower, explores leadership development through the lens of Te Ao Māori principles. Refining Essential Skills Leadership extends beyond roles and titles; it’s about inspiring and guiding towards a shared vision. Our programme enhances essential skills like effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork. Interactive workshops and real-world scenarios provide practical […]

Discovering the Power of Values

In leadership development, recognizing and applying core values is critical. Defining Your Core Values Values serve as guiding principles that shape our character and influence our actions as leaders. Tools such as introspective exercises and guided reflections can aid in identifying and articulating core values. Achieving clarity on what is important enables leadership with authenticity […]

Developing Leadership Skills for Success

Confidence often acts as a springboard for success, especially in effective leadership. Overcoming Self-Doubt Emerging leaders often grapple with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. A supportive environment, such as that provided at Tū Kaha Collective (TKC), can help confront and overcome these challenges. Through tailored coaching and mentoring, strategies can be learned to manage self-doubt, build […]