A Journey of Skill Development

At TKC, our foundational program, TKC Empower, explores leadership development through the lens of Te Ao Māori principles.

Refining Essential Skills

  • Leadership extends beyond roles and titles; it’s about inspiring and guiding towards a shared vision.
  • Our programme enhances essential skills like effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork.
  • Interactive workshops and real-world scenarios provide practical experience and confidence to navigate complex situations.

Exploring Your Values

  • Values act as guiding principles in leadership.
  • Reflecting the value of whanaungatanga, we encourage exploration of your core values.
  • Through aligning these values with your leadership style, a more authentic, purpose-driven approach is fostered.
  • Reflective exercises and group discussions help understand how personal values influence leadership journeys.

Building Confidence

  • Confidence is key in leadership, reflecting the principle of rangatiratanga.
  • Our programme provides a nurturing environment to build this confidence and overcome self-doubt.
  • Personalized feedback, coaching, and mentorship from experienced leaders are integral to this process.
  • Leadership challenges and opportunities support gaining confidence to step into leadership roles.

Join us as we explore leadership holistically, helping you discover your potential, develop key skills, understand your values, and gain confidence to lead with purpose. It’s an exploration of leadership grounded in Te Ao Māori principles with TKC.